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Acrylic Polishing Machine

The MY-1200 acrylic polishing machine is a specialized polishing device for acrylic materials. It uses diamond tools to do precise cutting on the acrylic surface to reach the mirror effect, thus the light transmission of acrylic can achieve the effect of surface polishing, eliminating the need for the traditional process and save the manpower. The effect is as follows:

The acrylic polishing machine features angular, transparent, smooth, straightness, stable, no dust and low loss and is suitable for precision polishing of top grade acrylic products and crystal ones. Besides, it is simple to operate and easy to use. It is suitable for mass production in middle or large sized enterprises since it is convenient to clamp material.

Parameters of the MY-1200 Acrylic Polishing Machine
Machine size 2200×700×1100mm
Power requirements AC 50~60Hz, 3ph 380V/220V
Spindle speed 7000 r/min
Cutting speed 0~1000 mm/min
Cutting angle 0o
Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine power 1.5Kw
Machine weight 850Kg
Cutting depth 0~1mm
Cutting mode workpiece feeding
Work area L1200mm
The size of dust mouth 75mm

The MY-1200 acrylic polishing machine is your choice due to its many advantages. It is organic glass machine without dust and keeps the environment clean. It is appropriate in size with 2200mm length, 700mm width, 1100mm height and 850kg weight. It works at the workpiece moving mode and consumes 1.5kW power with a speed of 7000r/min. It cuts 0o angle surface with a maximum length of 1200mm and maximum thickness of 100mm. Percentage wheel controls the cutting depth between 0-1mm. The MY-1200 acrylic polishing maching reduces the wastage rate and saves cost for our customers by omitting the conventional process including cutting, polishing, rubbing, and shaving.

The MY-1200 acrylic polishing machine is carefully tested and highly qualified with high stability and performance. Since we produce 15 MY-1200 machines per month in our own factory, the delivery time is well promised. We provide high-quality and professional aftersale services. With all these advantages, you can choose our product with guarantee.

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