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Acrylic Polishing Machine

As a specialized polishing machine for acrylic material, the MY-1300 acrylic polishing machine, like other polishers, utilizes diamond tools to do precise surface processing and can reach mirror effect, which save the manpower a lot.

The MY-1300 acrylic polishing machine works stable and has been used in middle or large enterprises. The length of workpiece can be infinite and outspread to suit the extremely long work polishing. Besides, it is easy to clamp materials so it is suitable for mass production. 0 to 60 degrees of cutting angles is also available.

Parameters of the MY-1300 Acrylic Polishing Machine
Machine size 2100×1010×1520mm
Power requirements AC 50~60HZ, 3ph 380V/220V
Spindle speed 0~9000rpm
Cutting speed 0~1000mm/min
Cutting angle 0~60o material thickness<60mm
Compressed air 0.6~0.8Mpa
Machine power 2Kw
Machine weight 1500Kg
Cutting depth 0~1mm

The MY-1300 acrylic polishing machine is well designed for our customers. It consumes 2kW power and reaches a high speed of 9000r/min. With axis moving mode and 0-1000mm/min cutting speed, it can polish planes or angular surfaces with the thickness less than 60mm and infinite length. Cutting depth can be controlled within 0-1mm. With high efficiency to save 15-20 labors, it is extremely suitable for large- &median-scale enterprise. The MY-1300 is designed with a size of 2100mm length, 1010mm width, 1520mm height and a weight of 1500kg. We provide MY-1300 with 50-60Hz 380V or 220V three-phase AC according to your choice.

With PMMA polisher, the MY-1300 significantly improves the working efficiency and saves the cost of labor. Our R&D and production department promise the 20 MY-1300 per month and provide professional solutions. Our enhanced aftersale service department guarantee the safe and stable use for our customer.

We are an acrylic polishing machine manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including CNC engraving machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machining center, acrylic polisher, etc.

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