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Acrylic Polishing Machine

As a specialized acrylic polisher, the MY-1600 acrylic polishing machine is suitable for top grade acrylic products and crystal ones. The length of workpiece can be infinite and outspread to meet the requirements of extreme long materials. Besides, the touch screen panel brings convenient to clients. The spindle feed and the adjustment of cutting angle is realized by servo drive, and the machine is totally controlled by PC, thus it features high precision. In addition, cutting angle can vary from 0 to 60 degrees.

Using diamond tools to do surface processing, the MY-1600 acrylic polishing machine can reach mirror effect and enables the light transmission to realize surface polishing effect. The pictures are as follows:

Parameters of the MY-1600 Acrylic Polishing Machine
Machine size 2700x1300x1700mm
Power requirement AC50-60Hz, 3ph 380V/220V
Spindle speed 0-9000rpm
Cutting speed 0-1000mm/min
Compress air 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine power <5.5KW
Machine weight 3000kg
Principal axis depth cut 0-1mm
Cutting angle 0-60o
The size of dust mouth 100mm
Cutting mode Spindle feeding
Work area L1600xT 1200mm

The MY-1600 acrylic polishing machine is designed for the crystal product polishing. It uses knife to cut the material surface to be translucent, bright and angular. With high reliability, long lifetime, high quality, it significantly reduces the wastage rate and saves the producing cost. It consumes 5.5kW power and reaches a speed of 0-9000r/min. With axis moving mode, adjustable cutting speed from 0 to 1000mm/min and cutting depth of 0-1mm, it cuts 0-60o surfaces with a thickness less than 70mm. Thanks to the servo drive system to adjust the axis moving and cutting angle, the MY-1600 is fast, stable and reliable.

The crystal product polishing machine uses hydrogen and oxygen produced by electrolyzation of water to burning for crystal product polishing. With a touch screen control panel, the MY-1600 is convenient and safe. We produce 10 MY-1600 machines per month. Please feel free to contact us for the high-performance polisher.

As a China-based acrylic polishing machine manufacturer and supplier, Mintech offers a broad range of products including CNC machining center, CNC engraving machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

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