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Acrylic Diamond, Cloth Wheel Polishing Machine

The acrylic diamond, cloth wheel polishing machine is the world first polisher. With fully automation, it solves the original problem that manual polishing is still needed after processing. Its appearance is absolute a good news in the era of high labor cost and tensive human resources.

Like other polishers, the acrylic diamond, cloth wheel polishing machine makes full use of its excellence diamond tools to do surface processing. Therefore, the effect is fantistic. The light transmission thus seems like being surface polishing treated. With high quality and efficiency, it is suitable for high grade acrylic products and crystal ones.

Parameters of the Acrylic Diamond, Cloth Wheel Polishing Machine
Machine size 3010×1000×1430mm
Power requirements AC 50~60HZ, 3ph 380V/220V
Spindle speed 0~9000rpm
Cutting speed 0~1000mm/min
Cutting angle 0~45o(Material thickness<60mm)
Wheel speed 0~2800rpm
Wheel diameter ?220mm
Compressed air 0.65Mpa
Machine power 6Kw
Machine weight 2200Kg
Cutting depth 0~1mm
Cutting mode Workpiece feeding
Work area L1220mm x T100mm
The size of dust mouth 75mm

The acrylic diamond, cloth wheel polishing machine MYB-1200 is a new generation of product designed based on the organic glass polishing equipment to meet our customers' needs. It is our patented product which represents the new developing trend. With a 2200kg weight, 3010mm length, 1000mm width and 1430mm height, it processes the workpieces with large area and 1.22m length. It consumes 6kW power and reaches a maximum speed of 9000r/min.

The MYB-1200 enjoys excellent designs including workpiece moving mode, adjustable cutting angle of 0-45o, plane or angular surface with a length less than 60mm, cutting speed of 0-1000mm/min and cutting depth controlled within 0-1mm. Compared with the traditional polishing machine, it works out a brighter and cleaner workpiece without bubbles or other flaws after polished. The MYB-1200 has a 220mm-diameter cloth wheel with maximum speed of 280r/min and a 75mm dust collector prevents the dust releasing and keeps the environment clean.

We produce 5 MYB-1200 machines per month. To promise the high quality, it is designed and tested carefully before sales. Welcome to visit our company for further information.

Mintech is a professional acrylic diamond, cloth wheel polishing machine manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes CNC engraving machine, laser cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, etc.

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