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Acrylic Polishing Machine

The acrylic polishing machine is based on casting structure to ensure the stability. The main parts of the acrylic polishing equipment are imported or use joint venture brands including Delta touch screen, Delta PLC, ELESY servo drive, ELESY servo motor and Omron relay. Though the acrylic polishing machine is of high quality, it may still have some common failures after being used for long time. Therefore, we provide some solutions here.
1. If there is a leak, please check and adjust the trachea, the connector and cylinder seals, or replace it if necessary.
2. If the button or pedal of the polishing machine does not work, please replace it.
3. If the pressure foot or lift is imbalance, please control the speed of the cylinder through valves.
4. If the air pressure alarm rings, please keep the pressure at 0.5 - 0.7Mpa; or if the air pressure is sufficient, please check the detection equipment.
5. An unsatisfactory polishing effect is usually caused by the tool, but it still results with the working speed.

The acrylic polishing machine we designed for the organic glass is competitive and leading the charge internationally in related fields. It uses fine knife and roughing knife to cut the material from surface to the deep one circle by one circle. After polishing, the material is bright and translucent. Our product improves significantly the working efficiency and saves the cost. With high quality and quick delivery, it meets our customers' requirements for quality and quantity.

We offers 5 types of product for our customers including the vertical MY-1200, horizontal MY-1300, horizontal MY-1600, double edge MYD-1260, diamond, clothes wheel MYB-1200. They are mainly used in handicraft manufacture, exhibition shelter & counter manufacture as well as optics & electrics industry polishing application. The MY-1200 can polishes 0o planes. It saves 5-10 labors. It is suitable to large volume production. A horizontal MY-1300 saves 15-20 labors. It is suitable for the large and median enterprise with the ability to polish angular surface with infinite length. Horizontal MY-1600 uses axis feed to cut the surface. It is stable and fast due to the servo system to adjust the axis feed and cutting angle. The MYD-1260 controls the size within ±0.1mm to meet the high accuracy polishing needs. The MYB-1200 is our patented product with diamond and cloth wheel. It solves the problem of traditional polishing machine which needs manual work to polish by cloth wheel. It offers automatic acrylic polishing service.

Mintech is a specialized acrylic polishing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a wide range of products, including acrylic polishing machine, CNC engraving machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machining center, etc.

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Organic Glass Polishing Machine | Acrylic Polisher | Acrylic Polishing Service | Organic Glass Abrasive Finishing Machine

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