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The MD60 CNC engraving machine is applied to small mold finish machining, jewelry model, high-grade cosmetics, acrylic batch processing and related industries. It uses casting parts for base to improve rigidity and stability. It can be high accurate with precision linear rectangular guide and being pre-tightened. Besides, the interface meets the International standard G code instructions. Equipped with engraving software from both home and abroad, it is easy to use.

Parameters of the MD60 CNC Engraving Machine
Table dimension 620x610mm
Height of Z 300mm
X-Y-Z movement 600x600x150mm
Spindle power 2.2Kw
X-Y-Z accuracy (+/-)0.5/300mm
Spindle speed 5000-24000rpm
X-Y-Z repeatability (+/-)0.01mm
Drive motors Servo
Table flatness (+/-)0.025/300mm
Machine weight 1200kg
X-Y verticality 0.25/30mm
Outline 1100x1200x1500mm
Voltage Single phase: 220V Three phase: 380V/50Hz

Note: MD55, MD50, MD40 is also available.

The MD60 CNC Engraving Machine is one of our competitive product due to its well designed properties. It has an work table of 620mm×610mm ×300mm and total size of 1100mm×1200mm ×1500mm as well as a 1200kg weight. It reaches a high accuracy of ±0.5/300mm due to the work table's high flatness of ±0.025/300mm and x and y perpendicularity of 0.025/300mm. It is equipped with the precise linear rectangular guide rail and the high-precision ball screw with pre-tightening. The MD60 is stable and fast for the design of the large-power motor servo system and cast-on holder. It is convenient and functional, thanks to the adjustable speed of 5000-24000r/min and interface of international standard G code.

The MD60 CNC engraving machine uses 50Hz single-phase 220V AC and three-phase 380V AC power up to your choice. It is world leading machine. Our professional crew provides solutions and high-quality aftersale service. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

Mintech is an experienced CNC engraving machine manufacturer based in China. Our products include double edge acrylic polishing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machining center, etc.

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Acrylic Engraver | Mold Finishing Machine | Jewelry Engraving Tool | Numerical Control Acrylic Highlight Carving Machinery

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