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The MT-100A laser cutting machine adopts DSP digital control technology to improve stability and reliability. The latest software works seamlessly with various graphic processing software such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw CAD and CAM. With off-line control unit, it does not consume computer resources, which greatly improves efficiency. Showing in both English and Chinese and with friendly interface, the operating is more convenient.

Parameters of the MT-100A Laser Cutting Machine
Working area 1250x900mm
Positioning speed <15m/min
Positioning accuracy (+/-)0.05mm
Laser power 100W
Machine size 1900x1500x100mm
Machine weight 300kg
Power supply 220V(+/-)10% 50Hz 10A
Machine power <1500W

The MT-100A laser cutting machine is a high-efficiency machine center with high stability and convenience to meet the acrylic industry needs. It has a size of 1900mm×1500mm×100mm with a weight of 300kg and simply structured with a work table of 1250×900mm. Thanks to the high-quality laser with 100W power, high-quality beam and small angle divergence, it works precisely and stably. It reaches a locating speed of 15m/min and a locating accuracy of ±0.05mm. It uses 220V±10% 50Hz 10A AC as power and consumes less than 1500 W power.

A laser cutting machine uses laser to generate a high energy light beam. After optical system, the light beam is focused on the surface of workpieces. The high energy of light beam is absorbed and heated the workpiece to a high temperature. The workpiece begins to vapor to holes and the high pressure air flow removes the melted part. As a result the workpiece is cut. The laser cutting machine enjoys a high precision, smooth cutting edger and low cost. It is cataloged into different types including the acrylic cutter, sheet metal cutter, etc. We have been dedicated to manufacturing the acrylic polishing, marking, cutting and other machines for long. With leading technique and high-quality we offer variety of machines to meet the acrylic industry needs.

As a specialized laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Mintech also provides acrylic diamond, cloth wheel polishing machine, CNC engraving machine, and CNC machining center among others.

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