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The 5000 CNC machining center is tailored for heavy sheet material cutting, drilling and milling industry. The configuration is flexible to meet the needs of various applications. Besides, both nonmetal materials and non-ferrous metal sheets can be processed.

Parameters of the 5000 CNC Machining Center
Cutting speed 30000mm/min
Rapid traverse 45000mm/min
Repeatability (+/-)0.05mm
Z-axis travel 320mm
Working area 5103:1720x2540mm 5204:1524x3048mm
Z-axis clearance 200mm

The 5000 CNC machining Center is the heavy duty plate milling machine produced by American MultiCam company with advanced material auto feeding, removing and processing function. It is convenient in use due to its high vacuum table, automatic knife changing system and flexible portable controller. It is compatible with CAD/CAM software with gantry structure. The 5103 type processes the surface of 1270×2540mm, and 5204 is of 1524×3048mm. The 5000 series are full steel-structure designed for the fast cutting. It enjoys an accuracy of ±0.05mm and high efficiency with maximum cutting speed of 30000mm/min and the maximum back and forth speed of 45000mm/min. The girder moves with a maximum distance of 320mm, at a height of 200mm from the work table.

The 5000 CNC machining center is one of MultiCam's main products. It is also a mature product which has been tested by practice to assure the quality, speed and stability. You can choose it with guarantee.

As an experienced CNC machining center manufacturer based in China, Mintech offers a comprehensive range of products that includes CNC engraving machine, double edge acrylic polishing machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

Related Names
Metal Processing Machine | Heavy Duty Plate Milling Machine | Portable Chief Axis Machinery | Mobilization Main Arbor Producing Tool

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