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  • MY-1200 Acrylic Polishing MachineThe acrylic polishing machine features angular, transparent, smooth, straightness, stable, no dust and low loss and is suitable for precision polishing of top grade acrylic products and crystal ones. Besides, it is simple to operate and easy to use. It is suitable for mass production in middle or large sized enterprises since it is convenient to clamp material.
  • MY-1300 Acrylic Polishing MachineThe MY-1300 acrylic polishing machine works stable and has been used in middle or large enterprises. The length of workpiece can be infinite and outspread to suit the extremely long work polishing. Besides, it is easy to clamp materials so it is suitable for mass production. 0 to 60 degrees of cutting angles is also available.
  • MY-1600 Acrylic Polishing MachineAs a specialized acrylic polisher, the MY-1600 acrylic polishing machine is suitable for top grade acrylic products and crystal ones. The length of workpiece can be infinite and outspread to meet the requirements of extreme long materials. Besides, the touch screen panel brings convenient to clients. The spindle feed and the adjustment of cutting angle is realized by servo drive ...
  • Double Edge Acrylic Polishing MachineThe double edge acrylic polishing machine not only features angular, transparent, smooth and low loss, it also can solve the traditional problems that the working accuracy can not be controlled. Instead, it can regulate the error within ± 0.1mm, which fully meet the requirements of high precision. Besides, it is suitable for low-volume production because of its various sizes in processing.
  • Acrylic Diamond, Cloth Wheel Polishing MachineThe acrylic diamond, cloth wheel polishing machine is the world first polisher. With fully automation, it solves the original problem that manual polishing is still needed after processing. Its appearance is absolute a good news in the era of high labor cost and tensive human resources.
  • MD60 CNC Engraving MachineThe MD60 CNC engraving machine is applied to small mold finish machining, jewelry model, high-grade cosmetics, acrylic batch processing and related industries. It uses casting parts for base to improve rigidity and stability. It can be high accurate with precision linear rectangular guide and being pre-tightened. Besides, the interface meets the International standard G code instructions.
  • Laser Cutting MachineThe MT-100A laser cutting machine adopts DSP digital control technology to improve stability and reliability. The latest software works seamlessly with various graphic processing software such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw CAD and CAM. With off-line control unit, it does not consume computer resources, which greatly improves efficiency. Showing in both English and Chinese and with friendly interface, the operating is more convenient.
  • 5000 CNC Machining CenterThe 5000 CNC machining center is tailored for heavy sheet material cutting, drilling and milling industry. The configuration is flexible to meet the needs of various applications. Besides, both nonmetal materials and non-ferrous metal sheets can be processed.
  • 7000 CNC Machining CenterAs the top processing equipment, the 7000 CNC machining center is mainly used for heavy sheet material cutting, drilling and milling. It is suitable for both nonmetal materials and non-ferrous metal sheets. In addition, the configuration is flexible so that it can satisfy various demands.
  • Gantry CNC Machining Center (Moving Table)The gantry CNC machining center, also called the moving table, is designed for mold manufacturing, plastic and wood processing. It is the heavy machining center for small or medium scale. Both nonmetal materials and non-ferrous metal sheet can be dealt.
  • S Series CNC Machining CenterLike other CNC machining centers, the S series CNC machining center is designed for heavy sheet material cutting, drilling and milling. Its flexibility of configuration enables it to meet multiply demands. Nonmetal materials and non-ferrous metal sheets as well can be processed by this machine center.
  • Acrylic PolisherThe acrylic polisher is our competitive product for polishing the acrylic material to a mirror surface with a diamond knife. It is world leading and can be used in the manufacture of guide light plate, acrylic, crystal and LCD, thanks to our dedication to the manufacture of the organic glass engraving and carving, polishing, cutting machine

Mintech is a professional acrylic polishing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our wide variety of products include acrylic polishing machine, CNC engraving machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machining center, etc.